...Zappa scholarship and fetishism:
Discography/Videography/Bootleg Info/much more!

Complete Lyrics, comments, and other poot

Mr. Ben Watson's AKA Out to Lunch's scholarly analysis of things Zappa

Compositional analysis, history, and buckets of information

More anal-ysis of Zappa's music and words

...Sun Ra scholarship and fetishism:
Discography and more

scholarly analysis

Nathaniel Earl Bowles' thesis focusing on the written words of Sun Ra

...Anthony Braxton:
lecture recording

Braxton interview by Mike Heffley with commentary by Ralph Dumain

papers by AB

...miscellaneous Musical things:

Ralph Dumain's The Jazz Avant-Garde, Mysticism, and Society:Meaning, Method, and the Young Hegelians

more information than I'll ever sift through by Ralph Dumain (lots of non-musical things)

fantastic resource/community/information source for microtonal music

Petrucci Music Library: a collection of scores in the public domain

TodoTango: tons of recordings, scores, and information

book about Alejandro Jodorowsky's El Topo

the Complete Pythagoras

Nikola Tesla's autobiography

Claude Shannon's Mathematical Theory of Communication (beginning of Information Theory)

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