6. Chameleon Dance
Level 5: Camouflage
This slick little piece came into existence while I was improvising over a bass line and toying with the idea of constantly changing the rhythm by adding and subtracting beats. 
I tried to create an environment where constantly playing with meter would seem natural and playful rather than contrived and pretentious. You be the judge... I'll leave it as an exercise for the willing musicians out there to figure out all of the different rhythmic schemes.

I started the composition process by sequencing the bass line and pinning down the different rhythmic schemes. Then I fit a drum/percussion part to root it. From there, I added the harmonic and melodic parts, which led to the eventual form of the song.

The pseudo record-skipping type rut towards the end was an after-thought of the divine intervention variety. It provided the song both a bridge and an ending. Many an artist reaches the "Where the f--- do I go from here?" moment at one point or other in their work (I highly doubt if any creative individual never reached that moment). I find these moments to be blessings as well as curses. It's fairly obvious how reaching creative dead-ends can be a curse. I see them as blessings, however, because they make me more receptive to experimentation, accident, and the abundance of input that my ego might otherwise filter out.