13. Foreman Hits, 33's Egg Ends Strike
Level 11: Labor Strike Dada
The title of this song puns on the sound of the title to John Cage's infamous "silent" piece, 4:33 (spoken as "four minutes, thirty-three seconds"), which by no coincidence is the length of this song. This piece has nothing to do with Cage's revolutionary statement or his music, however. It was more of a strange whim. Once the idea to use the title occurred to me, I made sure that the track fit exactly into 4:33.

The title serves the piece as more than just a strange pun. The factory worker imagery suggested by the title seemed to me to fit the mood of the piece rather well.

As you can see, sometimes my creative process follows dadaist principals. Frank Zappa, one of my musical heroes, made his motto: "Anything Anytime Anyplace For No Reason At All" (AAAFNRAA).

What is the relationship between this text and the text for the previous track?