15. Polymorphism 1.02
Level 13: Final Boss

This is the second song in a series of compositions I've written with the same name. In them, I obsessively explore and develop different polyrhythms (different subdivisions of the beat superimposed on top of each other) to generate the motion of the piece. I wrote a detailed technical discussion (and published the score) of this piece, which I originally conceived as a solo piano work. Although I have made some changes to the piece for its incarnation on this album, it more or less follows the same path as in the score being discussed.

Fear not, this composition is easily consumable with no understanding of the technical masturbation behind its inception.

The score and rhythmic discussion are only for musically literate nerds and not for the faint of heart. Proceed with caution. I'd love to hear from any pianists who manage to defeat the boss.