4. Space Dance
Level 3: Warp Drive
This song was written for a purpose. This song was written to be played by a band. This song was written to be played by a band I play with called mamarazzi. While improvising alone at my keyboard, I came up with the two contrapuntal lines that open the song. From there, the song evolved in stages where I would work on it at my keyboard/computer, present what I had to the band, and then rework it. mamarazzi will release a decidedly less video-gamey version of this song on our forthcoming album later this year.

Rhythmic discussion:
This song is part of my everlasting mission to make "complicated" rhythms intuitive enough to listeners that they can dance to the music without thinking about it or knowing what they're doing. If you know how to count beats in music, the first part of the song is "in 5". The second part of the song involves a variation on that same theme in a different rhythmic scheme (11/16) that you might find a less funky version of in the Balkan region of Europe. Thanks go to my Hungarian friend Gergely Kiss for turning me onto that wonderful music.

I love all of the music on this album, but I think I've listened to this track the most.