2. Steveo Lee.E.O.
Level 1: Get a Name, Get a Job
This was written as a theme song for my brother Steve to pump him up for job interviews while he was engaged in the thrilling task of seeking work in the world of business during a rough economy.

Steve's middle name is Lee, which our mother revealed at a holiday dinner conversation was a very popular name in her family. Like good Catholics*, her family adopted the name Leo while Pope Leo XIII was in power. Both my mom's paternal and maternal grandfathers were named Leo. Marching on to the next generation, her paternal grandfather immortalized himself by naming one of his sons Leo Jr. (my mom's Uncle Leo.). My mom's maternal grandfather more femininely immortalized himself by naming one of his daughters (my mom's mother) Sarah Lee. (Nobody does it like Sarah Lee.) Now steeped in Lees and Leos, my mother's parents named her Phyllis Lee, who then bequeathed the Lee onto my brother Steve.

My brother and I were much less interested in the history of it all and much more interested in the observation that he could have - and should have - been named Steveo Leo instead of Steven Lee. We also decided that when he finally received his due comeuppance career-wise, he would become a Lee.E.O and not a C.E.O.

*good Catholics, with secret Jewish ancestry on one side that was obscured for some reason during their stay in ever so enlightened and tolerant 19th century Missouri (tsar-chasm)