Dancing Digits
orbits and gravities
interplay by happenstance
bowing at partners by chance
but only seeming to dance

the numbers know their neighbors
but dance with nearer strangers
determined by division
of the vision of a 1

beware a tangent
to our dance circle

coincidance: a book, a phrase
by robert anton wilson coined
not by robert edward cohen
no need for me to paraphrase

i'll side-steppingly step aside
and step outside of that aside
digits dancing was the theme
if i recall correctly

2 knows 4, and 3 knows 6
and 6 knows 4, but not that well
3 and 5 don't understand
why 4 insists on hanging 'round

but hang it does, it swings away
it sways and skips and skips and jumps
'round and 'round, it goes and grows
trapped inside the centrifuge

'til tiredly
i retire