Different Shit, Different Day, Same Words
talking and talking
still talking
repeating and reciting
still talking
repeating and reciting
repetitious recitation
thoughts congealing
thoughts entrenching - cement
automatic lingual reflex

think in words and words in thoughts
words have sound; words have shape
words mean what where words are not?

the word is not the thing
a Monk once told me that
talking about music
the thing is not the word
is is not what it is
is dancing, is dancing
about architecture
what it is, what it is:
words at wards, whirred and WERE...
worse knackwurst for the where?
we're i's apostrophe,
the crux of the biscuit

devout devourers of imagination!
ancient antiques, yet living fossils
transcendent transfixers of intellect
transplendent transducers of information

repeating and reciting
still talking
vocal cords vibrating
oral chamber resonating
tounge clicking and directing
talking and talking
words wear down
a picture's worth
a thousand words
1000's worth
a picture of a thousand
1000's worth a thousand words