Little House I Used to Live In
house of love
house of pain
house of tears
house of joy
house of old
house of new
house of comfort
house of  history
house of echoes
of the past

present contains the past
at different amplitudes -
between past and present
cancellations and resonances
temporal distortions
by temporal displacement
require time mechanics
for those unstuck in time
but i'll use music

i play an old song
that's lived inside my head
for years it's lived there
when i lived here
but i didn't know it then
and it didn't know my fingers
i got to know it better
as i know the old piano -
familiar, yet new
as i knew it once
but now i know it better

mics set up
recorder running
mind and fingers flexed
sounds and patterns planned
to bounce off familiar walls
the past echoes in the present
but time is not a line

let's realign and let's unravel
in our minds alone we'll travel