Song-Puzzle No.1

Listen to the file below. The directions for the puzzle are presented as a riddle in the lyrics.
(You'll be using the lyrics to solve the puzzle. See the 1st hint if you're not sure how.)

Song-Puzzle No.1 (mp3)

Welcome to this song
This song is a puzzle,
A puzzle that has a solution
Don’t be tricked
By thedo re mi
There’s more to this
Listen line by line
Listen to the words
This puzzlebegins the answer
The answer is a song
The melody over key words
And the words themselves
Aren’t to be looked over
It would be a mistake
It would and it is
Rob’s my name
Not what I hope to do
Not that you care
I should give you more hints
If you had the answer already
Would it be as fun?
Solving this won’t be hard
Hell, it might be easy
While I give you one last hint:
He or she who knows
Picks only one word
For each of the lines
See you at my next song
The next song is a puzzle,
A puzzle that has a solvable solution

Need a hint?

Need another hint?

What is a line?

concept, design, piano and vocals - Rob E. Cohen

recorded and produced by "Real Jake" with Greenpoint Sound

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