Educational Links

Ken Ken
*Sudoku-style puzzles invented in 2004 by a Japanese math teacher that mix logical thinking and basic arithmetic (super-addictive and fun)

Khan Academy
*In my opinion and the opinion of most of my students, the videos are not terribly helpful, but the "PRACTICE" area that automatically generates and corrects math problems can be extremely useful

A Mathematician's Lament
*A beautiful summary of the sorry state of math education and education in general from a brilliant math teacher

Ultimate Guitar
*chords, lyrics, and guitar tabs for tons of pop music (WARNING: charts can contain lots of mistakes)

*wiki format website with scores and recordings of nearly every classical composition in the public domain

*MIT's computer programming environment for kids. Download the program for free, and learn how to code by stacking command blocks on top of each other. Scratchers share and remix their work on the Scratch website similar to the way in which the youtube community interacts.


*Informative talks on all natures of information from technology and science to entertainment and sociology