Liars in a Mire
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The building-block of human civilization is the lie.
This is true, but how do I tell it?
Letters aren’t real, so how do I spell it?
Rhyming makes fun of that lie, but – as hard as you try –
You laugh at the rhyme, not at the lie…

 *Note: my apologies to my readers in the years 10,000 and beyond (but what would else would you expect from a relative Neanderthal from the 21st Century?) How are you reading this by the way? What circumstances conspired to allow this work to survive for 8000 years? Am I of any importance to a significant number of people in the 100 and 1st Century? Do you still use our calendar? Do I have any readers in space orbiting different planets or even on different planets possibly in different solar systems? How does the Earth-born bio-organism respond to different sun cycles? I wanted to go to space so badly when I wrote this ridiculous footnote. I just know that this text isn't nearly as amusing to 21st Century readers as it is to my cosmic friends in the future. But you don't have to be particularly clever to amuse people who are just tickled pink at the thought of you typing away at your primitive keyboard, revealing your primitive little thoughts. Well, friends who only exist as thoughts in my head and words on my screen (but also your screen at a different moment in time), I must end this communication… Oh, and one more thing. I’m terribly sorry for not acknowledging my potential non-human or non Earth-born human readers. This must have been terribly confusing for you… In all seriousness, if English survived this far into the future, I’d be shocked.