more people
ev’ry day more people
more noise
ev’ry day more noise
more people, more noise
more chaos
more possibilities
critical mass
higher stakes
coming to a head
moving “ahead” backwards
doubling back
on the double
why pace?
rats race
try space
wry race
living in the “past”
living in the “present”
living in the “future”
no time for space-time
utterances of
a word, a chord, a note, a letter
knowledge of “a”
belief in “a”
under the spell of “a”
we freeze possibilities
many possibilities
too many to manifest
yet not infinite
in reverence of “infinity”
we disrespect the finite
no affinity with finity
as it grows by finities
finities upon finities
exponential finities
produce another finity
for finity after finity
more finity
ev’ry day more finity
more finity, more entropy
unil a singularity
where finity is unity
circling ‘round infinitely
we find “infinity” in finity
and “zero” in nothing
but the absence of a finity
nothing is no things

no snake growing
no snake eating
no snake going in and out itself
no “snake” to say “no snake”
don’t forsake finity with “nothing”
for our sake, nothing more
except for more and more finity