Ode to Physics 116
(written at Wesleyan University on April 30, 2003 during a lecture for Physics116)

Sometimes what sticks out of walls
Can make you cry
Imaginary tears.
But do not fear.
Infinite wisdom is found in an orange,
A real orange,
One from a tree.
Their god makes you want to compare apples to oranges.
My god drinks their sweet nectar
And spits in the face of the ignorant.
My god resides within me,
But he has dwelt with you.
Knowledge from within.
Knowledge from the stomach,
Where the orange resides.
My god, the orange
Spoils when I lie to myself.
Lying to the orange may induce vomiting
Just like this non-poetry might do to you,
Just like this physics class does to me.
I need to flood my ears with beauty
To wash out the equations.
I need to start living freely.
I am a prisoner of my own fear.
Life is too short and precious to waste
Pining away in a catatonic state.
Oh orange,
Awaken me from my slumber.
I wish not to be afraid anymore.
I rest.