Train of Thought on the Hudson Line

Thought stifles life
Writing is a symptom of the thinking disease
Reading makes us sicker

Noise in my head
Receiving every signal but not hearing one
Why bother tuning?

Patterns make us comfortable
But I’m leaning back on plastic
They don’t put cushions where I need them
‘Cause I need a different cushion

I’d rather be in pain
And put up with discomfort
Than pretend I’m comfortable with their cushion

The mental loss to lie in sitting
Will change the way one sits
To sit in pain is not to lose
Pain can’t sustain itself for long
The mind grows bored and starts to play
Sensations change and go adrift

I’m on their cushion now
It’s not that soft
Nor comfortable
It’s just as bad
I’m twice as mad I chose to sit this way

When the mind disobeys itself
It listens to its master
We are slaves of slaves
And the strongest slaves among us
Claim one more stake of our freedom
Misbehave and please the slaves
And then we’ll all be free

Stand up; don’t sit
Make your discomfort visible and contagious
Then find comfort