Domestic Nightmares

The following tracks represent a continous improvised session between the players mentioned below. All ideas and structure occurred spontaneously. There was no plan. We just started making noise, and this was the result. The following is a TRUE story. No editing. No names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. This is exactly how it happened as it happened.

**The breaking of the recording into tracks with titles was done in the hopes of making an otherwise abstract stream of 5 consciousnesses at least somewhat accessible.**
**Tracks 04, 07, and 09 are the closest things to songs here, so try them if you're not going to listen to the entire thing.**

01 How Did We Get Here? 19:29
02 Friendly Dishwashing Machine 2:12
03 Fiendly Dishwashing Machine 6:38
04 Revenge of the Household Appliances 8:17
05 It Was All a Dream, Now Time for a Shave 4:10
06 But First an Opera 0:34
07 Shaving Suite
(a)Shaving(5:31), (b)Razor Burn (4:36)(c)After Shave (3:06)
08 Bovine Excision 1:36
09 Down on the Farm 5:12
10 Senility 5:33
11 Struggling with Nonexistence 5:37
Jake Lewis                 drums, himself
Joe Mariglio              computer, contact mic, spring reverb plate, himself
Josh Glum                 tenor sax, himself
Rob Cohen                keyboard, himself
Sam Hoyland             trumpet, himself

Special Thanks To:       

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EXCEPT for making $$$ or using it commercially WITHOUT talking to me first. Mo' money, mo' problems...

  Creative Commons License
Domestic Nightmares by Jake Lewis, Joe Mariglio, Josh Glum, Rob Cohen, and Sam Hoyland is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.